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Give Hastings Day 5.1.14
Join in the fun for this 24-hour event designed to put the “fun” in supporting local charitable causes.

Visit the website and type in a search for “Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation” to schedule a donation.

Bonus for Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation
The top three nonprofits will be awarded $1,500 (1st place), $1,000 (2nd) and $500 (3rd) based on how many donors participate.

Eric Barber, President and CEO

“This is one of those opportunities when numbers really count,” said Eric Barber, President and CEO of Mary Lanning Healthcare. “We need your support May 1 to help keep Mary Lanning strong and independent.”


We are committed to advancing the quality of care in our region by connecting caring people with opportunities to financially and emotionally support the mission of Mary Lanning Healthcare throughout its service area.

We will create positive, long-lasting relationships with every donor by increasing awareness of the role the Foundation plays in supporting Mary Lanning Healthcare, and communicating how every contribution is appreciated and tangibly impacts the quality of care in our region.

We will exercise the highest standards of stewardship, integrity, cooperation, commitment, accountability, and confidentiality with everyone we encounter.


Apr 02, 2014

Gift from Claud and Emma "Reese" Gates

Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation is pleased to announce a bequest of more than $500,000 from the estate of Emma R. "Reese" Gates. "We are truly grateful to Claud and Reese Gates for their generous charitable gift," said Mary Plock, Lead Developmen...

Success story

Silverlake Volleyball Donation

Silverlake volleyball players and coach presented a check for $1,205 to the Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation.