What is the difference between the Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation and Mary Lanning Hospital Trust?

William H. Lanning, Thomas Frahm, and Claus Frahm established the Mary Lanning Hospital Trust in 1918. The Trust primarily holds real property (farm ground) and invests personal property for charitable purposes as established in individual trusts. Land is held in Adams, Clay, Franklin, Hall, Hamilton, Kearney and Phelps Counties in Nebraska.  The Trust was established to support healthcare (at Mary Lanning Healthcare) and a home for the elderly (through Sunnyside, Inc.). Income from the Trust provides annual assistance to Mary Lanning Healthcare (operating support) and Sunnyside, Inc. (grants to support causes in the community).

The Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation was established in 1996 to accept contributions from individuals, families, corporations, and foundations to support Mary Lanning  Healthcare. Contributions support scholarships for MLMH/Creighton University School of Nursing and Mary Lanning Radiologic Technology program; capital construction projects to enhance the quality of care for Mary Lanning Healthcare; and the purchase of new, state-of-the-art equipment and technology for patient care.

The Foundation manages approximately $2 million in endowment funds established by donors to support scholarships, equipment and the Foundation unrestricted fund.

What does the Annual Fund Drive support?

The Annual Fund allows for donors to support healthcare causes at Mary Lanning by making contributions to:

  1. Provide student scholarships for the MLMH/Creighton University School of Nursing and Mary Lanning Radiologic Technology programs.
  2. Purchase new, state-of-the-art equipment and technology for enhanced patient care.
  3. Support the unrestricted fund of the Foundation – whereby the Foundation is able to support our endowment, or provide for the areas of greatest need at Mary Lanning Healthcare.

How can I designate a gift to a specific cause?

When making your contribution to the Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation, you can designate which area you would like to support on your pledge form, or by calling the Foundation at 402-460-5600 to let us know how you would your gift to be allocated. 

Does Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation support any community causes?

Yes! The Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation serves as the fiscal agent for a variety of grants to meet gaps in healthcare service, including Minority Health Initiatives, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska grants, and Safe Kids.

How can charitable gifts reduce my tax burden?

The Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation is registered with the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 organization. Gifts to the Foundation are fully tax deductible. We encourage you to speak with your tax advisor for more information on how your gift will benefit your personal income tax situation.