Cheryl Sidlo

May 22, 2017

MAY 22 — You can make all the difference for patients and their families! Read Cheryl Sidlo’s remarkable story and her appreciation for Mary Lanning Healthcare.

Thanks to some anonymous donors, Cheryl’s making incredible progress with a piece of equipment you have to see to believe.

Cheryl Sidlo fell as she stepped off a patio three years ago, hitting her chin and ruining a favorite pair of jeans. But the real damage was an internal brain bleed that required five brain surgeries and years of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Re-teaching paralyzed muscles to work has been a long process, but the Bioness H200 has helped. Designed to help patients with stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological disorders, the Bioness H200 is fitted to the exterior of the lower arm and connected to a monitor. The therapist controls electronic pulses to the muscles.

Jamie Bachman, occupational therapist at Mary Lanning Healthcare, worked with Cheryl during her recovery.

Cheryl Sidlo and Jamie Bachman“Cheryl is an ideal patient for the Bioness H200,” said Jamie. “When we begin a session, her muscles are tightly contracted, but within 30 minutes she can work on more functional tasks such as picking up bean bags and laying them down. We are excited about Cheryl’s attitude and her progress, and we look forward to watching her become more independent.”

A donor made possible the purchase of a Bioness H200. “We were thrilled to learn our gift could make such a difference in the lives of people like Cheryl,” said the donor, who asked to remain anonymous.

“Since I can’t write a letter to the donor, I hope the family reads this and knows how much I appreciate their generosity. It makes all the difference! THANK YOU!” – Cheryl Sidlo

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