Dick Spady Memorial

August 15, 2016

Norma and kids Jul 22 2016The Foundation is pleased to announce the memorial honoring Dick Spady has been installed in the waiting room of the North Entrance, next to the windows that look out over the campus landscape he designed. Kristine Allphin was the artist who worked with Kipp Zalman to select plant materials for the commissioned artwork and Eric Gammill from Infuze Creative incorporated the text and image.

When your schedule allows, please stop by and read about this strong, but gentle leader whose commitment to the MLH vision continues to inspire.

Copy of the memorial text:

For nearly 40 years, Dick Spady served on local, regional and state committees, addressing health and safety issues and healthcare education. He chaired the hospital’s Board of Trustees for 12 of the 22 years he served. Dick was active in numerous rural health initiatives and created the landscape design of the Mary Lanning Healthcare campus.

The landscape began as a tribute to Dick’s father, John Spady, who died in 1975. The Spady family intended for the grounds to become a living memorial to John. When Dutch Elm disease killed the trees surrounding the hospital, Dick’s landscaping vision introduced more than 200 varieties of plant materials to the grounds.

Since then, more than 10,000 trees, shrubs and perennial plants have been added. For four decades, Dick Spady served as the artistic designer who filled the Mary Lanning Healthcare landscape with beautiful, living things, reflecting the Mary Lanning philosophy that recognizes this important aspect of the healing process.

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