Estate Planning Seminar report

October 19, 2012

Nine area foundations joined together to present an Estate Planning Seminar from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, Wednesday, October 10, 2012. Sixty-five people registered for the seminar in the Cottonwood Room, located in the lower level of the Hall Building on the CCC Hastings campus.

Jeff Yost and Jim Gustafson opened the seminar with, “Transfer of Wealth Opportunity” and “Asset-based Charitable Gifts,” respectively. Jeff is the President and CEO of the Nebraska Community Foundation and Jim’s title is Gift Planning Director.

Lucinda Glen, attorney with Whelan, Scherr, Glen Y Mead, PC, LLO, and Matthew Baack, attorney with Seiler & Parker, PC, LLO, teamed up to present “Charitable Gifting.”

Dean Moors, Vern Powers, Chuck Shoemaker and Jeff Yost visit before the seminar begins.

Steven Groeteke, CPA, CVA with Contryman Associates, PC, discussed “Estate & Income Planning.”

John Posey, Wealth Care Professional with Contryman Wealth Advisors spoke about “Understanding Annuities.”

  • Evaluations from the seminar included
  • Good general information on options for giving
  • Variety of topics covered
  • Adherence to time schedule
  • Nebraska Community Foundation materials
  • This was one of the best seminars I have attended. Thank you.
  • Transfer of wealth
  • Well planned and full of information.
  • Estate Planning, especially tax deductions and methods to avoid taxes
  • Liked the four examples of people in the presentation
  • I learned a lot. Thank you.


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