Meet Franc E. Wagner

May 8, 2017

Meet Franc E. Wagner, a friend of MLH Foundation who heard from Shana Schultz and Jamie Tinsman about a very cool new piece of equipment called the Sara Stedy. Franc E. offered to underwrite the purchase of a Sara Stedy for the Family Care Center.

As soon as the Sara Stedy arrived, Franc E. came to the hospital to see for herself how such a light weight piece of equipment could make a big difference moving patients.

In fact, Franc E. was so confident using the Sara Stedy, she demonstrated at a recent Safety Huddle how easily she could move patients safely. Even though her practice patient (President and C.E.O. Eric Barber) stood a head taller, Franc E. had no problem transporting him safely and comfortably.

Franc E. Wagner and MLH President Eric Barber

Thank you Franc E. Wagner for helping MLH continue to kee patient safety our top priority!

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