Frahm Legacy Society

Frahm Legacy SocietyIn 2016, the Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors established the Frahm Legacy Society in order to recognize and strengthen financial support. The board and the society, inspired by Mary Lanning Healthcare’s 100 years of quality care, join together to keep our local healthcare system strong and independent.

Membership Criteria

Members are donors who have named Mary Lanning Healthcare Foundation in their will or other planned gift. Also eligible are donors whose lifetime giving meets a threshold of $10,000 per household or $25,000 for organizations. Frahm Legacy Society members are making a difference in quality healthcare for our communities now and for generations to come.


Claus Frahm
Claus Frahm
Mar. 11, 1858 - Aug. 28, 1949
Thomas Frahm
Thomas Frahm
July 28, 1865 - Apr. 19, 1961

Claus and Thomas Frahm were brothers who grew up as neighbors to William H. and Alice T. Lanning. In 1883, Mr. Lanning hired 17-year-old Thomas to work in the McKinley-Lanning land brokerage office. Thomas earned the respect of his employer and, 36 years later, succeeded Mr. Lanning as president in April 1919. Thomas was known for his knowledge of Nebraska land and its people, which contributed to his success. Thomas was a member of the hospital’s organizational meeting on March 1914, and the Mary Lanning Hospital Trust, organized in June 1918. Thomas served as a hospital trustee from 1922 until January 1961, shortly before his death in April. Claus Frahm was a Beatrice Foods vice president in charge of acquisitions and development. As a Trustee, Thomas knew the needs of the hospital. He and his brother were successful business leaders who understood an investment in Mary Lanning was an investment in the community’s future. Together, the Frahm brothers added nearly half a million dollars to the trust established in the Lanning will (1919). Additionally, Thomas donated $200,000 for a hospital wing in 1954. Claus and Thomas Frahm left a lasting legacy, providing support for quality healthcare through their generosity to Mary Lanning Healthcare.

  • Dr. and Mrs. George Adam
  • C.M. “Gary” and Mari Anderson, II
  • Lafe Anderson
  • Dr. Robert L. Anderson & Dr. A. Kathryn Anderson
  • Rolland and Leslie Anderson
  • Dr. Gary Barth
  • Pat and Karen Boyd
  • Tim and Trish Boyd
  • Michael G. and Marie K. Butler
  • Richard and Dianne Christensen
  • Paul and Tricia Dietze
  • Karen and Roger Doerr
  • Kim and Ronda Ehly
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Fisher
  • Mrs. Kathleen and Dr. Donovan Foote, Jr.
  • Mr and Mrs. Robert L. Foote
  • Ken and Jan Franzen
  • Dr. Richard and Linda French
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pat A. Hayek
  • Ray and Edith Hendrickson
  • Dr. Daniel J. Herold
  • John and Jan Hill
  • Neal and Susan Hoff
  • Doug and Sherrie Hollister
  • Betty Jean Stevens-Hughes
  • Emma R. “Reese” Gates
  • Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Johnson
  • W. Michael and Pamela C. Kearney
  • Mr. and Mrs. Terry Klatt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Koepke
  • Ann and Robin Koozer
  • Gretchen and Hal Lainson
  • William D. and Nancy K. Langford
  • Dr. Susan and Mr. Brad Lindblad
  • Jeff and Janet Matthes
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard McKenzie
  • Donna (Murman) Meyer
  • Sara and Ron Meyer
  • Michael J. Nevrivy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Nordby
  • Dr. Todd Pankratz and Dr. Jessica Meeske
  • Glenda Pauley Rev. Trust in loving memory of W.G. Pauley, Jr.
  • Mary and Richard Plock
  • Paul and Faye Powers Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Monte J. Rasmussen
  • Leota L. Rolls
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lee Saathoff
  • Roger and Cheryl Schukei
  • Mr. and Mrs. Don Seaton
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Seiler
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Skoch
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Spady
  • Jack and Mary Steiner
  • Dr. and Mrs. John C. Welch
  • Dr. Justin and Kili Wenburg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Phil Werner, Jr.
  • Adams County Agricultural Society
  • Beirow Family Foundation
  • Credit Management Services
  • Dutton-Lainson Company
  • Ellerbrock-Norris Insurance
  • Hastings Irrigation Pipe Co.
  • Hastings Tribune
  • Heritage Bank
  • Industrial-Irrigation Services
  • Livingston Butler Volland Funeral Home & Cremation Center
  • Mary Lanning Hospital Trust
  • Beatrice B. McNeil Estate
  • Wells Fargo
  • Werner Construction, Inc.