OBIX® Perinatal Data System

Every second counts in the safe birth of a precious baby!

Your gift can make labor and delivery safer.

OBIX® Perinatal Data System

Enhancing the safety of labor and delivery through continuous computer monitoring.

The OBIX® Perinatal Data System is a comprehensive computer-based obstetrical system that monitors Mom and baby from bedside, the nurses station and other labor rooms throughout the labor and delivery process.

Doctors can monitor Mom and baby from their office or home computers for seamless supervision of patient progress. Nurses and doctors can communicate more effectively, and changes in the labor progress can be detected immediately. 

Mom and baby can be monitored without restricting her movement.

To ease the labor process, Moms can walk about or relax in a Jacuzzi bathtub.

This system makes patient information readily available when in it's most vital. Eliminating paper charts will also save valuable storage space.

Further defining Mary Lanning as a leading regional healthcare provider.

The $465,000 OBIX® Perinatal Data System enhances the status of the Rolls Family Care Center at Mary Lanning Healthcare as a regional leader providing the highest level of care. It also assists the hospital in recruiting quality, experienced medical personnel who view advanced technology as an essential tool in the healthcare process.

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